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SSAS Value Pack - Professional Productivity
for Microsoft Analysis Services (SQL Server)
Leverage your Analysis Service platform to a cost efficient
Business Intelligence (BI) self-service solution
within a few days.

SSAS Value Pack - Application Independence

Value Pack - Advantage
  • performance optimized
  • front-end application independent,
    leveraged use of Microsoft Excel as alternative front-end
  • maximum degree of end user functionality for
    standard reporting and ad-hoc analysis
  • centralized, time-efficient customizing & maintenance
  • well documented components, generic HTML solution documentation
SSAS Value Pack
Value Pack - Offerings
  • Value Pack with individual implementation service at a fixed rate
  • Value Pack for corporate use, with full technical detail documentation and free introductory training
  • Value Pack Development Edition - upon request
Productivity Boost
Develop (or migrate) your individual best-practice reporting and analysis solution witihin a few days.

Source Independent
You can also build and use best-practice Analysis Service solutions without an underlying ETL / data warehouse environment and directly get the data from any SQL database product platform (incl. Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, etc.).